Weird & Wonderful Mood Boosters

Avocado on toast | Weird & Wonderful mood boosters

We’ve all been there; we miss our alarm in the morning, burn the toast, get caught in the rain without an umbrella (always just when I’ve done my hair) and then get stuck in THE Traffic jam of all Traffic jams! And instantly my mood sinks, and I feel like the day is doomed. Is it destined to just be a bad day from here on right? Well, not necessarily. I can choose to actively try and change my day and try little things to lift my mood. Sometimes it’s about just stepping back, and other times it’s about cranking up the music!

tom ford quote time and silence
Embrace both Time & Silence: Yes he doesn’t just do good perfumes…he does good quotes too. And I like this one (it’s also way cheaper than their perfumes!). We are constantly bombarded by noise and screens, or toddlers wailing over wearing shoes… and so it’s a good idea to try to find even just two minutes of complete silence to just enjoy the quiet. Nap times, after bed-times, in a cafe or just in your car before you go into the office – just sit, and refocus. This does, however, feel especially good with a comfy chair and a cup of coffee.
Fresh Air & Green Space: Yeh I know this one is probably on everyone’s list of mood boosters, but that’s because it is a winner! We live on a farm, and so for me, it’s pretty easy to just walk out the door and take the dog on a walk to the beach. But if I lived in a City, I would go find a park, or go on a dog walk that includes lots of green space and trees. And if you don’t have a dog, there are now sites like Borrow My Doggy where you can borrow someone else’s dog! Anything that will encourage you to get outside. You can sit, walk or run. Whatever you fancy, but the key is not to sit there and mull over all the things that put you in a bad mood, just to relive it all. Use it as the time to just enjoy being outside and…brEAthe.

Fresh air & Green space | Weird & Wonderful mood boosters

 (outside our back door – couldn’t get any greener!)
Spotify playlist: If the two above seem a bit too ‘huummmm’ (mediation that is), for you…then this is likely to be a better option. The great thing about Spotify is you can either create your own mood lifting playlist, or you can click on Browse –> Scroll down to Genres & Moods –> Click on the Raincloud and Sun symbol called Mood –> Then find your perfect mood-boosting playlist. There is even one called Air Punch or 100 Uplifting Songs. Turn them up loud, and start singing. Dancing is optional but advised.

How to find Mood Booster on Spotify

Savour the flavour:  So the tip here is if you’re feeling a bit grumpy, then spend a little more time than you normally would make one of your meals. We’re so used to rushing around, and buying a quick sandwich or skipping breakfast that actually a few more minutes to craft something yummy that you can enjoy will do you wonders. My favourites include; adding extra toppings to avocado on toast or adding some smoked salmon, baby spinach, and tomatoes to scrambled egg. If I’ve spent a minute or two more in sprucing up a meal, it instantly makes me feel like a little fancy Chef (an Avo Chef!). We also use Gousto which has been a great way to learn to cook new and interesting recipes, and it’s a great mood lifter choosing and creating a fancier meal, without all the hassle of shopping for the ingredients! A winner for me.
Turn your feelings into horses: Saaayyy whhaaat? Stick with me here…so this is one I learned from an Audiobook called The Power by the author of the famous Law of Attraction book The Secret. And basically, when you start to feel a mood coming on, try identify what the feeling is and then picture it as a wild horse that you’ve just jumped on. So if you’re feeling like blaming everything and everyone, you’ve jumped on the blaming-horse. Where am I going with this?
Well the point is, a) if you’ve jumped on, then you can also get off. And b) it’s pretty funny picturing that blaming-horse or moody-horse just moping around, and no doubt it makes you smile. The way we feel after all doesn’t define us or who we are, so it’s a nice light-hearted way of reminding ourselves of that.

Mummy & Daughter | Weird & Wonderful mood boosters

(This face of hers just makes me smile!)
Connect with People:  If I’m feeling a bit down I tend to want to shut off from others and just be in my own space, but actually having a conversation with a complete stranger seems to lift my mood pretty fast. While most people are comfortable being in a mood around loved ones, we tend to opt for a smiley, optimistic presence when talking to others. This Psychology Today article talks more about the effect of speaking to new people, and how it ‘brings a boost in mood and feelings of belonging that we didn’t expect‘. Failing that…Children! I find I can be in the worst mood, or completely stressed out until I take time to sit with my daughter and listen to whatever game she has going on. It’s hard not to smile when she is telling me a made up story and bringing me pretend cups of tea.

Those are some of the ways I try to change my mood back to a more positive and happy one. But we all know that sometimes, we just need to be in a grump, for whatever reason and that’s ok too. But I know that the next morning, I get up and try to do something different to change that. I’d love to hear if anyone has any weird or wonderful ways of changing their mood and actively trying to get rid of that rainy-cloud-above-head feeling?

On that note…Romilly is now finally napping (yay!), so mama needs her cuppa and quiet moment. And no, I’m actually in a pretty good mood today – but it works for any occasion that tip 😉

Bee x


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