Toddler Girls – Gorgeous Gifts Guide

Toddler Girl Gorgeous Gift Guide

A gift guide featuring unique and gorgeous Toddler Girls Gift ideas. From beautifully illustrated books, special soft toys, to wooden dolls houses and sparkly Dressing up outfits.

The Christmas countdown is on, and that means thinking about what kind of presents to buy for your little one. We’ve just celebrated my daughters fourth birthday and it got me thinking about a list of the best Toddler Girls Gift ideas.

These are not your list of Barbies or the latest talking doll, but instead a list of special gifts for girls that aren’t adding to the pile of plastic unused toys in the corner. Gifts that are beautiful but also will last a bit longer and be a really special gift for your daughter, niece, or a friend’s little girl.

Just a quick disclaimer here…this is a pretty feminine list of Toddler Girls Gift ideas, but this is based on items that my daughter loves. And while we haven’t forced any of it on her, she happens to be a very ‘girly girl’. So apologies for anyone that wants to buy only gender neutral items, as this list is probably not for you. We do like to mix it up though and she does get things like crafts activities and games that are unisex. If anyone was interested in a more gender neutral list I’d be happy to compile one…but for now, I’m embracing this girly stage and sharing toddler girls gifts I know she will love.

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Gorgeous Toddler Girls Gift Ideas

Why ‘Gorgeous Gifts’?

I have been staring at this bucket of colourful plastic toys that are piling up in the corner and wondering whether my daughter would even notice if I gave a few (or most of them?) away. I started thinking about what other, more unique gifts I could get her that wouldn’t add to that pile. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what she asks for is things like Barbies or Dolls and I will get a couple of these off her list.

But I also think Birthdays and Christmas is a good time to maybe spend a little more on some other gifts that will last (like decor for her room, or beautifully illustrated books), or to branch out and buy her a couple of special dresses instead of my usual supermarket bargains.

I’ve searched across the Internet to find things that could work for birthdays, Christmas or just a special gift for whatever the reason (we don’t always need a reason do we?). Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas to add to the list, as I am always looking for ideas, as when the birthdays do come around I seem to suddenly draw blank again. Anyway…enough rambling. This is a pretty lengthy ‘Toddler Girls Gifts’ Guide but I wanted it to give you lots of ideas. So let’s get stuck in!


Toddler Girl Gorgeous Gift Guide Autumn Jumper Collage

If you’re a mum like me who has given up on buying those lovely stylish clothes, only to watch them get ruined at nursery or just at messy play (which I’d rather have than pristine clothes). Then your toddler is probably also rocking the entire Primark (or Supermarket) catalogue year round. But while they really have upped their game over the last few years – it would also be nice to have a few good quality, stylish items to rock on a weekend. ‘Sunday-best’ as we like to call it!

img 4317 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts Guidesnapseed - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts GuideMy favourite places to look for these items are Next, Zara, H&M and John Lewis. Great pieces that I am always happy that she gets gifted, are things like cardigans, jumpers, shoes and nicer dresses.

Pictures in the collage above is a lovely little Dark red Fine-Knit Dress (top left) from H&M which will be perfect for the Festive season. Then a cosy Zara Heart Sweater (top right). Bottom Left is another Zara item with a beautiful Floral Print Dress. Bottom right is a gorgeous Yellow Knit Jumper with floral details from H&M which is gorgeous for Autumn Winter.

Winter Style Accessories

Toddler Winter Accessories Collage

Ankle Boots from H&M (top left)

Knit Hat from Monsoon (top right)

Knit Scarf from Monsoon (bottom left)

Lined Boots from H&M (bottom right)


I feel like over the years I’ve realised I am a bit of a book hoarder, and it seems no different when it comes to buying books for my daughter. But they tend to be any book we come across in shops or while we are out and aren’t particularly pretty to display on shelves. Not that she minds as they are no less fun to read.

However, I started to recently look at books that have great stories but are also beautifully illustrated and have gorgeous covers too. I feel like these are the kinds of books we will hold onto forever and might eventually be handed down to her kids (or am I romanticising it a bit? Ha what can I say I do love a beautiful book!).

img 8554 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts Guideimg 8555 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts Guide

I personally love the little Coco Chanel book we got for her last year and this year I bought her the Magical Unicorn Society Handbook which just has the most incredible illustrations and colours inside. But I permanently have a whole list of ones I’m lusting over and over the years I hope to build up a right little collection we can both enjoy. And as a bonus, they will look great in any room on display in a bookcase or up on shelves.

Beautifully Illustrated Toddler Books

Coco Chanel (Little People, Big Dreams) (pictured)

Flora and the Flamingo (top right)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (pictured)

Animalphabet (bottom right)

The Wind In The Willows (Collectors Edition) (bottom left)

The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook (top right)

For Her Room

Room decor is something that I am a bit more reluctant to splurge on just anytime in the year. But I always think that these do make great gifts. You might be thinking…’well a toddler isn’t going to be very excited about getting a storage basket to unwrap’..well I have a 3-year-old who definitely proved that wrong and got so overexcited about getting a recent pink basket from TK Maxx, you would have thought it was the best toy ever. I mean anything they can potentially climb in and out of seems to be a hit ha!

img 5286 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts GuideWe recently purchased the Numero 74 Canopy when we turned our spare room into our daughter’s room. I’d been wanting it for ages and I was so impressed with it when it arrived. It’s beautiful quality and looks amazing with the string stars tied around (although be warned these things tangle like a biatch). The whole brand is just beautiful, and a lovely shop called Molly Meg in the UK stocks the most incredible bits including this brand. Other shops I love include Scandiborn and The Modern Nursery. And of course Etsy!

Numero 74 Canopy | Toddler Girls Gorgeous Gifts Guidenumero-74 glitter star garland |Toddler Girls Gorgeous Gifts Guide

Numero 74 Canopy 

Glitter Falling Star Garland 

Pretty storage baskets

Mrs Mighetto Print (pictured in the feature image at the start and end of this post)

img 8282 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts Guideimg 8281 - Toddler Girls - Gorgeous Gifts Guide

While not really Room Decor, our main Gift for Romilly this year kind of fits in this category because it’s a large item that is great for playing in her room. It’s the Kidkraft Kaylee Wooden Dollhouse (pictured). This is such a special gift for a Toddler Girl that adores playing with her Barbies and I’m so happy we chose to get a wooden one like this one which is built to last (it’s bloomin sturdy!).

Dressing Up

Toddler Girl Gorgeous Gift Guide Dress Up Collage

One of my all-time favourite Toddler Gifts to get for Romy is dressing up gear. I just think it’s the best watching their little face light up as they transform themselves into whatever they want and make up stories to go along with it. It’s great for their imaginations and language skills too.

There are always lots of different ones on the market, and yes I’m aware I’ve chosen to feature the very girliest ones here. But I assure you one of my daughter’s favourite costumes is Wonder Woman, so we’re not all tutus and tiaras here.

Again Molly Meg have some fabulous Dress Up items on their site (they actually have a whole section listed under Toys) but I have found a lot of Monsoon as well. A few favourites listed here: Monsoon Tiara (top left) Meri Meri Glitter Princess Dress Up Kit (top right) Monsoon Sugar Plum Fairy (bottom left) Mimi & Lula Sparkle Sequin Wings (bottom right)

Gorgeous Softies

Toddlers usually do have a ton of stuffed animals already, but as they get older they seem to end up at the bottom of the toy basket or in the cupboard somewhere. I’ve started to look for really special ones that can live on her bed and look gorgeous too. Jellycat is always a winner, and recently they have moved away from just fuzzy animals to creating some gorgeous toddler-friendly collectable versions. I bought her the Fancy Swan last year (this is what it’s called.. I’m not just calling it Fancy ha!) and she loves it! Especially as we had watched Swan Princess a few times so she calls it her Swan Princess.

Toddler Soft Toys |Toddler Girls Gorgeous Gifts Guide

Jellycat Fancy Swan (top left)

Jellycat Rose Solange Swan

Flamingo (top right)

Knitted Deer (bottom left)

Jellycat Robyn Reindeer (bottom right)


Toddler Girl Gorgeous Gift Guide Bags Collage

Little bags and Rucksacks are an absolute hit with my Toddler so I thought these would be a perfect item to add to this Gift Guide. More and more shops are bringing out some gorgeously stylish bags for our minis.

Sabrina Bow Glitter Flap Over Bag from Monsoon (top left)

Glitter Backpack from Monsoon (top right)

Glitter Swan Shoulder bag from John Lewis and Partners (bottom left)

Pink Glitter Rucksack from Next (bottom right)

So that was my rather lengthy list of gorgeous Toddler Girls Gift ideas. As some of these items in this Guide are dependent on stock and seasons, I’ve also been adding to my Pinterest board Toddler Gifts which can be found here, which I will update with Gift ideas as I go along. So feel free to keep an eye on that, and if I do any updated Toddler gift lists in future I will add those items to that board too.

Would any of these items make it onto your Gift list for your daughter? Let me know in the comments below, as well as any gift ideas as I am always looking for inspiration and on the lookout for special items.

B x

Toddler Girl Gorgeous Gift Guide

[Items from feature image: Zara Dress, Monsoon Knit Hat, H&M spot jumper, Matalan Rucksack (sadly sold out now), H&M boots, Glitter Wings, Princess Dress up (the star cape), Tiara, Confetti skirt, Mrs Mighetto Print, Numero 74 Canopy, KidKraft Dollshouse, Robyn Reindeer, White Deer, Fancy Swan, Coco Chanel book, A Little Princess Book, Magical Unicorn Society Book.]

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    I don’t have kids yet and neither do my friends but I can’t wait to buy gifts for my own and friends kids. there are just so many adorable pieces.

    • biancalparish
      December 12, 2018 / 9:56 am

      Aw you’ll love it. Buying for kids is so lovely, they do have so many cute things. Thank you so much for coming over to read 🙂 x

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