Pregnancy Update: Why I’m Packing My Hospital Bag Early This Time!

Why I'm packing my hospital bag early this time

Imagine the panic when your waters suddenly break at 35 weeks, and you realise that you haven’t actually got a hospital bag ready or finished getting everything together (or even put your out-of-office on yet!). Well, that’s EXACTLY what happened to me with my first pregnancy. So this is why I’ve decided not to take any chances this time and I’m packing my hospital bag early this time around!

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What happened with my first Pregnancy:

I was so chilled out during my last pregnancy and thought I had all the time in the world to get organised. It was my first baby after all, and everyone kept saying how often they are overdue. I was sure that would be me too.

Boy was I wrong! I planned to do all the packing, last minute Amazon ordering, baby clothes washing (all those nesting things basically) during my 4 weeks off before baby was due. But then in my final week at work (at 35 weeks), our little girl decided she was ready and I went into spontaneous labour at 2am.

I called my husband who I told to just ‘grab everything you can bloody see in the nursery and bring it!!’. He was also 3 hours away as we had recently moved up north and I was still working down in Bristol, so there wasn’t a chance we could quickly nip back for anything we forgot. So basically the hubby packed what became my hospital bag.

And he did a pretty good job of it. But I definitely wanted to do it properly this time. And to know that I have anything I need ready to go.

Why I'm packing my hospital bag early this time

Packing my Hospital bag early (before 30 weeks):

So I’ve probably gone too early this time, but I feel like as long as the basics are there, I can keep adding or taking bits away. I’ve also probably overpacked this time, but again my experience last time has given me the opinion that it’s better to just pack for every scenario than to have to send poor hubby out every day to pick up something else.

Again, many people said I would likely only be in for a day or two which I guess is the case for most. But then because my daughter was 5 weeks early, and did develop jaundice, we were in for 5 days in the end.

I’m feeling pretty confident that I won’t be as early this time, mainly due to feeling a lot less stressed (I’ve finished work nearly two months before the due date this time!) and we are not having to move house and deal with ill pets like last time. So fingers crossed that I am just being overprepared and that it won’t be needed until closer to the due date.

Packing my hospital bag

Hospital bag extras (the things I wished I had last time):

Although I am planning to do a full ‘What’s in my hospital bag’ post, I thought I would jot down a few of the things that I didn’t have last time that I am packing this time. These are obviously just my preferences, and having done it once before – what I would like to have with me this time:

  • Labour Nightie: I have ordered this Happymama Maternity Nursing Nightdress for Labour, to be both comfortable in and also not worry about ruining my other clothes. Last time I laboured in a nursing tank top, which meant putting my leggings on and off if I got up, and I just felt a bit er…exposed ha! Not that you care at all at the time, but something a bit longer than a vest I thought might be nice.
  • Snacks/Energy drink: I don’t remember being allowed to eat for the time that I was in labour, but you are allowed to drink and something sugary I felt like would have been a bit better than just water. But also for after! And that’s when the snacks would have been ideal as a post-pushing treat!
  • Nursing pyjamas: I didn’t get to breastfeed straight away as she was too little and sleepy to latch, but I expressed constantly and the nursing tanks were good. But I think a pair of clean, soft Maternity nursing pyjamas like these I’ve ordered would have just felt that much nicer.
  • Swaddles/Muslins: Last time I didn’t get round to ordering these before baby arrived, and although the hospital does give you a good blanket to swaddle with, it would have been good to try with our own so we didn’t go home and wonder why the blankets we had didn’t quite work as well. I also underestimated how many muslins you go through if baby struggles with reflux. Trust me STOCK UP!
  • Newborn onesies: Everyone said not to buy too many of these as you don’t know how big baby will be and some go straight into ‘up to 1-month’ size and never end up wearing the newborn sleepsuits. Well, we ended up with one newborn sleepsuit and a baby that looked like she was drowning in everything. Thank goodness for online ordering and hubby was sent out to purchase some tiny and newborn sleepsuits. But in hindsight, if I’d just ordered a few of the first size, and she had been too big. I would have minded as they would have just been passed on anyway. So I’ve made sure I have some of both sizes this time!

Packing my hospital bag

So that is the story of why I am trying to be overly organised this time. I’ve even bought travel packing cubes for inside the bag to keep it all neat ha! But I have really enjoyed getting it all ready, and feel like I’ve made up for not getting to do it last time. Have you had a similar experience? Or are you preparing your bag early too? Let me know if there are any other second-time luxuries you are packing that I’ve missed, as I am all for hearing any ideas that might make that hospital stay a bit better!

Love Bee x

Why I'm packing my hospital bag early this time

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