October Goals

img 7809 - October GoalsWow that has come round quick! But I feel like October is officially the start of Autumn. I mean we were all celebrating with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes since the start of September, but the leaves hadn’t even started changing colours and the weather was a bit hit and miss.

But now. Well it’s getting colder (it is here In Scotland anyways) and those trees are definitely going lovely shades of yellow and orange. It’s also Pumpkin season now and you only have to take a quick scroll through Insta to see your feed filled with Autumn goodness.

But as each month passes, I wanted to start setting some monthly goals or tasks so I can keep focused, otherwise my days and weeks seem to just mush into one.

So here it goes…

My October Goals

img 7779 1 - October Goals

1) Romilly’s 4th Birthday (& first Party!)

October marks the month that my little girl (she’s really not so little anymore) turns 4! *gasp*. But I’ve put off throwing a full blown birthday party up till now because she wasn’t particularly interested yet and it’s only been this year that her friends have started having them too. So now she is a little lady that knows what she wants determined to have a big party.

I mean the requests from her have been everything from Face painting to an actual Disney Princess turning up lol. I’m giving it my best shot, but not sure I can swing the last one kid ha.

img 5588 - October GoalsThis was her meeting a Princess at Disneyland Paris in May

My month will be filled with sorting bits out from Birthday presents, to learning to bake a two-tier Disney Castle cake. I wanted to go all out without breaking the bank. And of course throw her a party she’ll love.

2) Sort our Freddie’s first passport & get over to Germany

Sadly one of my relatives in Germany passed away and I have to get over there to help sort through some bits. It won’t be a particularly fun trip, and it will be Freddie’s first trip abroad. I went over once before with Romy when she was 1 and it wasn’t particularly easy, so she is staying with her cousin and I will just take Freddie. She’ll be happier with this anyways, as playing dolls with her cousin is far more fun than waiting for mum to pack things in boxes.

But passport fun is always something that ends up at the bottom of my list so I’m putting this here so I bloody well do it, ha!

3) Make time for the Blog

So these last two are blog goals because I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit. I find that I get very little baby free time (not that I’m complaining here before anyone jumps on that ha). And so when I do I end up doing other tasks like cleaning bottles, cooking or walking the dog. When I’m finally done I’m happy to just scroll through Instagram mindlessly or watch Desperate Housewives on Amazon Prime.

But come 11:30 at night and a million ideas pop in my head and I end up typing away until the early hours. Not clever as I need more and not less sleep. I have so many posts just sat in Drafts and don’t go back to them until the next night.

img 7399 - October GoalsSo my goal here is to be cleverer (that’s not a word is it? This must be the late night kicking it)…more clever…just clever…with my time!

I’d like to set aside one or two evenings where I set aside time to work on posts and get them scheduled for the week. I’m not being two ambitious here yet. Just 1-2 a week I’d be happy with for now. But it is a long old process from the writing to the photos to the whole SEO stuff. So I need to learn to maybe do some of these tasks in batches. Any tips anyone has for this?

4) Finally announce my blog on Instagram

I have no clue what is really holding me back from promoting it on Insta. I am more than happy mentioning it on Twitter, Pinterest and in the Facebook groups I’m part of. But somehow announcing it on Instagram where I have the most followers, just seems very real.

It is scary putting yourself out there for potential criticism or judgement. But I’m also not quite into a routine of regularly posting every week on specific days as I do what I can when I have time. But I feel once I announce it there is more pressure to keep it moving quickly and keep posting. But it’s silly and I know it’s mostly in my head so I need to just friggin do it!

So if you’re following me already (@Bianca_Parish) then keep an eye out…and let’s see if I can achieve it this month.

What are your October goals? Anything special happening for you this month?

Bee x


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  1. Jenna
    October 12, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Great post – these look like really great goals 🙂 I am a huge fan of writing down goals in blog posts because then I feel like I have to complete them… Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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