My Month In Instagram Photos – July

I like to look at Instagram as my collection of favourite moments that I’ve captured recently. And I thought what better way to reflect on this July than by looking over the ‘highlight reel’ and remembering all the adventures and things I really loved (predominantly the kids and primark finds!).

I had a particularly busy month on instagram. Sometimes I like taking a few days break and then all of a sudden I find I have loads to post.

I’ve really enjoyed Instagram lately, probably because I have felt a little lonely now I’m not working (as I’ve just had our little boy) and still don’t know anyone up here really…so I’ve started interacting with other mums on there a lot more. And I feel like the taking photos and editing is giving me something alongside babies and children to focus on which is also sometimes nice just to keep my brain sane ha!

It’s such a great community of women (and men) on the gram, and I totally get it when bloggers or youtubers talk about connecting with their ‘tribe’ on there. It’s such a great way to find like-minded people or atleast others that are going through similar things at the same time (like clingy babies that won’t sleep anywhere but on you, or like learning you have to go dairy free etc.).

If you’re not already following me on Instagram (@Bianca_Parish), please do go have a look and say hi over there so we can connect. I love to hear from everyone, especially any blog readers like yourself!

In August I’m off on a family holiday to Cornwall so I’m expecting more ‘Summery‘ pictures to be filling my insta next month. But let me know which are your favourites and what you’d like to see more of.

So here is my month in Instagram photos…

img 5938 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyFreddie’s little cheeks

img 5985 1 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyPrimark finds

img 6073 - My Month In Instagram Photos - Julyimg 6072 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyExploring the Botanical Gardens

img 6074 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyHunting for delicious treats at a local food market

img 6134 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyThat little face melts me

img 5948 1 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyJumping on the polka dot bandwagon…and loving it!

img 5916 1 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyTrying the new smoothie delivery service from Batch Organics

img 6199 2 - My Month In Instagram Photos - July

img 6207 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyShe adores her little brother and he looks at her in awe

img 6219 1 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyStylish little lady

img 6251 2 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulySome of my favourite Summer finds

img 4158 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyThis little beauty playing in the long grass

img 6145 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyHe’s changing every day and finally becoming a happy and content little boy (not so much for the first 7 weeks)

img 6165 - My Month In Instagram Photos - JulyAnd finally one of me. Hardly ever in pictures in these post-baby days but took a brave pill and took this to remember these lovely baby wearing days. It seems to be one of my most liked photos and I received such lovely comments that it definitely made me feel confident to get in front of the camera more (not too much though because the kids are still way cuter ha!).

Bee x


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