Meet Our New Little Baby Boy

img 5691 - Meet Our New Little Baby BoyAs I sit on our bed staring down at this little bundle of chub, and watching him peacefully (although still somehow noisily) sleep, I can’t believe that our little blonde haired boy has already been with us for 6 weeks!

So it’s a bit of a late introduction really, but who can blame me for wanting to just soak it all in for the first few weeks.

img 5683 1 - Meet Our New Little Baby Boy

img 5682 - Meet Our New Little Baby BoyFreddie Gray Parish entered the world at 10:57am on May 27th (which happens to also be mine and hubby’s wedding anniversary) weighing a healthy 7lbs 9oz. Just like his sister, he too came sooner than expected at 3 weeks and 1 day early…but not that much of a surprise when you’ve had one preterm, you’re kind of sat around thinking the same will happen again.

I won’t go into the whole labour details as I’m not sure if you want to really read that or not (it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea is it?), but I will tell you that my waters broke while walking into a wedding!

So at 35 weeks we drove to France for one of my best friends’ wedding and we cautiously packed the car with our hospital bags and the baby car seat, and tried not to think about ‘how on earth do you get a baby back into England without a passport?!’.

Every day in France rolled by and I was increasingly getting cocky with the fact ‘I knew’ the baby wouldn’t come yet (despite it being past the point now that his sister arrived).

So on the day of the wedding I decided that I didn’t need to worry anymore – we had reached our goal of making the wedding after all! So why not party till 2am?

And what happened?…haha nothing! We managed to enjoy the wedding, and make it out of France (not before stopping at Disneyland Paris on the way back – because of course who doesn’t want to walk around for 7 hrs in the heat at 36 weeks pregnant?). But we were all good and no awkward border control conversations about why we were one human up on the way back.

However, the weekend after one of my friends from school was also getting married and after getting all dolled up (and spending £50 on Charlotte Tilbury products to get my makeup done at their counter in John Lewis)…me and the hubby walked towards a beautiful teepee to go an celebrate with the newlyweds and enjoy an evening of dancing when…SPLASH! Haha no I’m only kidding…that only happens like that in the movies.

But they did go and I knew straight away. To save going into the wedding and having them spectacularly go during the first dance or something and attracting a load of attention…I decided it was best we just turned and headed home to get our stuff.

img 5608 1 - Meet Our New Little Baby Boy(Me on the way into hospital with my makeup all done)

So we excitedly headed back to the in-laws house (where we were staying at the time), got our stuff together…had a final meal of baked beans on toast (oh so Glam!) and headed off to hospital to have our boy.

We checked into hospital at 21:30 on the 26th and by the next morning we were welcoming this little cherub into the world.

img 5640 - Meet Our New Little Baby Boyimg 5643 - Meet Our New Little Baby Boy

There is really nothing quite like that feeling of holding your babies for the first time. If I could bottle up that feeling and sell it I’d be a millionaire!

So that is how little Freddie came into the world, and how I ended up looking far too glam to be there. I did keep explaining that I was going to a wedding and that I was not just extra glam for the occasion ha.

I will do a 1 month update post to let you know how we are getting on and what it’s been like with two (spoiler alert…CHAOS…it’s been chaos ha!).

But right now, this tired mama is gonna catch a cat nap while the baby is finally asleep.

Bee x



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