Our Family move to Scotland – the next adventure

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So far we have lived in many different areas in the UK. Cardiff, Bristol, Blackpool, Northamptonshire, Wigan and now….our little Family move to Scotland and the next adventure begins!

6 places in 6 years…that’s quite a lot of packing boxes, clearing out wardrobes, fighting over rental deposits…the list of stresses is endless. But on the plus side we are becoming a family of pros at both the moving house, adjusting to change and settling into a new area.

Despite the fact it took me a few days to process the news (I wasn’t so sure about being colder than I already always am), I am a sucker for exploring new areas and taking on a new adventures. So I decided to embrace yet another move, and see how we can make the most of this new place.

And boy is this place beautiful. I mean like REALLY. Blooming. Beautiful. We have moved to St. Andrews, a little town in the North East of Scotland. Apart from knowing that if you like Golf, then it’s great…I didn’t really know much about it. And I’m not into Golf – but lucky for the hubby, he is!

But Golf aside…really far aside…this little town is just so pretty. The university buildings (where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge actually met), the beaches, little cobbled streets and cute cafes and ice cream shops that stay open late year round…despite the temperatures! It’s just the nicest little place to walk round with Romilly *pictured enjoying one of those ice creams*.

Family move to Scotland

So we are embracing yet another new place…and well…if this was good enough for Kate and Wills 😉

I will be documenting some of our adventures in Scotland, and also looking to do a Tips on Moving often post. But if there is anything you want to see, or know about this lovely new place of ours…let me know.


Bee x



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