Baby no. 2! We’re having a…

This is probably the latest pregnancy announcement in the history of pregnancy announcements, as I am already 31 weeks as I write this ha! But I thought it would be nice to write a little about Baby no.2 before I start posting any pregnancy or baby related bits.

So after a while of TTC for our second, we found out in October 2017 that I was finally pregnant with baby no.2! After months of peeing on sticks, and then feeling utterly disappointed I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally see those two pink lines appear. This definitely different from the first time, where the finding out was followed by a becoming a shaking bag of nerves!

Husband pregnancy announcement

We definitely felt so ready for another this time, and way more chilled out about it all as we know what to expect…and what exciting things will come from having another little bubba in our life.

The early stage (first trimester) was not particularly easy at all as I am cursed with morning sickness (which let’s be honest should really be called ‘all-day or any unsuspecting moment’ sickness!). But it definitely stopped a lot earlier this time. At around 15 weeks instead of 19, which I will take happily.

I was convinced we would only ever have girls. Everyone in our families joked about how we would only have girls…probably because they knew the hubby really wanted a boy. So at our 20-week scan, imagine the joy when we were told we are in fact expecting a little baby boy!!

Gender's a boy!

This is going to be a completely different experience for us, which I am so excited for! So be prepared for lots of baby spam over on the Insta feed (@Bianca_Parish) if you are already following me. And like I said I will be doing some pregnancy/baby related posts too as hopefully, I can help any of those first time mamas who are a similar bag of nerves to what I was last time. If I can share some of my chill with you I will!

Hope you enjoyed our little family update/announcement and stay tuned for more 🙂

Bee x








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