I'm Bianca, or Bee...as I've been called since I was a little girl growing up in South Africa. I'm now a not so little 28-year-old living in the UK.

I'm a wife, and Mum to a 4-year-old sassy girl called Romilly and an 8-month-old little boy called Freddie. We also have our darling Golden Retriever called Bella, who is currently loving life on the farm we're living on in Scotland.

I usually work in Marketing and have done so for the last 7+ years, but am currently off with my baby and just enjoying exploring our new home here in Scotland.

But I'm also a pretty restless soul and so last time I had a baby I signed up to do a Marketing Communications diploma during my Mat leave (cause y'know babies sleep all the time right?! *facepalm*) And this time I decided to start a blog!

It started as a bit of a creative outlet (a new found love for styling and taking photos really), and also to document our life, which so far has taken this little family to 6 different places in the UK in the last 6 years!

That Gold Bee is my little space on the internet for general ramblings on life and things we go through, beauty & skincare products I'm currently collecting and any other thoughts on this little journey through motherhood too.

That Gold Bee About Page photo

A few things I love...

Coffee, lots of coffee, concealer, lighting candles, sunny days, dreamy pink skies, close up/detail photographs, collecting pretty mugs, taking photos where my littles aren't looking, cosy days, log fires, learning something new, a good true crime documentary, books that are also pretty on the outside, making friends on Insta, imaginary online shopping (the kind where you fill your cart, and then chicken out), long catch-ups, seafood, getting dressed up for an occasion/event (& planning my outfit & Makeup waaaayyyy in advance) and just generally finding people, places and things that bring happiness and a feeling of calm *awwww* 😀

If you want to know a few more things and get to know me a bit better...well then you can read 10 Things You Didn't Know about me. There's some pretty personal stuff there, but hey that's what this whole sharing thing is all about right? I hope you enjoy it!

I'm totally up for hearing from anyone out there who has stumbled across my little blog so please do say hi if you're reading, or let me know if there is anything you want to see on here.
Otherwise happy reading!

Bee x