5 Summer Heatwave Favourites

img 6251 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesIs there anything better than soaking up these warm summer days…finally getting to wear those holiday dresses, freckles, late evening walks, eating outside, a glass of something cold in a pub garden with friends. It really is such a happy season! And we have been having a scorcher here in the UK, so I thought I would compile a quick list of my Summer Heatwave Favourites. The things I have been using or going to a lot during these hot days.

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5 of my Summer Heatwave favourites

img 6236 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favourites

Lanolips Lip Balm

The hot weather sadly for me also brings dry skin. While I slather on the moisturiser on my face, it seems to be my lips that dry out throughout the day.

I first saw the brand Lanolips in one of Lydia Elise Millen’s Instagram stories when I was on the hunt for a good lip balm for my hospital bag.

The original Lanolips Ointment which I had ordered has a thicker balm consistency, which does moisturise well but is a bit of a pain to squeeze out the tube as it is so thick. So I tried the Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm which feels like a softer balm/gloss hybrid. I chose the peach one but I would order this Rhubarb one next time as it has SPF protection in that one which would be perfect to protect my lips from any damage.

img 6238 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesThis stuff is SOOO hydrating and my favourite way to wear it is actually on top of lipstick! It gives it almost a gloss look but with the added benefit of not feeling like a sticky mess. Win win!

Fitbit Blaze

img 6422 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesI always feel a strange feeling about being indoors when the weather is this nice. Like I’m waisting it or something.

So instead of heading to the gym, I am making the most of the glorious sunny evenings and heading out for some long walks with the dog.

I have dug my Fitbit out of the draw (sorry Fitbit, I have been pregnant for 9 months and you got swiftly ditched for tubs of Ben & Jerry’s)…and I am using it to try and push myself to walk faster or further, or just make sure I am doing a little exercise every day.

I wasn’t so keen on the band that came with my Fitbit Blaze, so of course, headed straight to Amazon and found this white band with a rose gold frame which I love. It has a thinner strap which makes it look a bit less bulky (and more feminine) as well as the ‘new frame’ which is basically just a full frame instead of having the gaps on the top and bottom (it makes sense if you are looking at it haha).

img 6423 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesI’m so happy with this band, I’m now tempted to get a leather version too!

Homemade Ice Lollies

img 5978 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favourites

After being told to go dairy free in case Freddie’s has a Cow Milk protein allergy (as I’m still breastfeeding) I can honestly say the first thing I thought was ‘oh no…that means no ice cream!?’

But ice lollies are not off limits and although my favourites are the coconut ones from Aldi, you only get 4 in a box and well…that doesn’t last me long at all!

So I found a recipe on the Deliciously Ella app (have you tried this yet? It’s so GOOD!) for Mango ice lollies and found these easy to use ice lolly moulds. I then couldn’t find a mango in the store that day so I substituted that for raspberries and blueberries.

These are really healthy (basically just fruit and coconut milk), they taste guuuuurrrd and my toddler loves them. Perfect for cooling down!

If you fancy trying some out, my Pinterest board for Summer (link here) has loads of delicious ice lolly recipes saved to it. Let me know if you have any good ones to add, or if you’ve tried any?

Hydrate M8 water bottle

img 6393 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesNone of us need to be told about the importance of drinking water. We all know it. But if you’re anything like me, the simple act of remembering to just go fill up another glass – I push that to the bottom of my list of things to do.

Enter…the GIANT water bottle!

And just to really simplify it and remind me how much I should be drinking, this one has times up the bottle as a guide to follow. So simple but it works!

img 6391 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favouritesimg 6397 - 5 Summer Heatwave FavouritesOr there’s always the personalised Love Island bottles ha! Tempted?

Wrap dresses

”What on earth am I going to wear when it’s THIS HOT and I’m sweating in everything?” (Nice image hey!) Well these are the answer!

Introducing the Wrap Dress…

These have been a huge hit this summer and my guess is they are staying around for Autumn too. Just in slightly more Autumnal colours and with some cute boots. So it’s definitely worth jumping on the bandwagon for these.

This blue polka dot one (pictured) is from Primark, so a bargain and the coolest outfit I own (as in temperature…or maybe in style terms too ha!). The material that most of these dresses come in is lovely and lightweight! I just sized up to ensure there was enough material to not have everything on show (wrap dresses can be a bit, well..boobie).

img 5948 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favourites

I have since also bought this pink maxi dress in this style from Missy Empire too as I just think these will be perfect for hot days but also you can dress them up with heels and accessories for the evening.

img 6398 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favouritesimg 6420 - 5 Summer Heatwave Favourites

So there you go! Just a few little things that have been getting me through this freak-wave we are having here! I’d love to hear if you have any hacks or things you’ve been loving and using?

Enjoy the sunshine!

Bee x


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